Monthly Archives: November 2008
Empower yourself

Last weekend, Malaika and I had a girls weekend. Richard and his brother went to Utah to help their parents get the house ready for winter. Aside from watching TV and movies, we took a self-defense course.The course was offered by Girl Scouts and Malaika earned her first Cadette Interest Project Award. Since moms could […]

It’s over

Wow, the election is finally over!  I, for one, am grateful.  This election was way to long for me.  But what I have now that I didn’t before is hope.  Hope that we can all work together, that we can put our differences aside and solve the problems before us.  I have hope for the […]

Is it really dark this early?

It seems fall has sort of arrived. Our trees have dropped most of their leaves and we spent several hours yesterday and today getting ready for winter.  We must have raked up 15 bags of leaves, even with the help of the lawn mower, and today we cleaned windows and screens.  It’s well past time for […]