• A lot has changed

Wow, have things changed since I last wrote!  The stock market has been crazy, the presidential debates are over (thankfully) and we know how is going to be in the World Series.  It’s nice there is some sanity still in the world.  A quote from Field of Dreams “The one constant is baseball”.  And thank God for that.

Yesterday, the much anticipated announcement from Colin Powell about his presidential choice was made on Meet the Press.  I have a lot of respect for Gen. Powell and would most certainly vote for him.  He is one of the few moderate Republicans around.  Gen. Powell came out in favor of Barak Obama.  I found his reasons particularly interesting.  He sees Obama as someone who can restore America’s standing in the world, as someone with a vision, as someone who can bring unity, and as someone who has picked a good running mate.  He critisized John McCain for his negative campaigning and for polarizing the country.  But I thought it was most interesting that he critisized McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate.  He said that she was not qualified to be president from day one, which he felt a vice-president needed to be.  Thank you Gen. Powell. 

So we are now in the home stretch, so to speak, of the election.  Only two more weeks of negative campaigning!  Go Obama!  Time for a BIG CHANGE.

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