• Can’t See the Forest.

Remember that saying, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” That’s what happens to us when we are stressed out. We can’t think clearly or solve problems and we become overwhelmed. Sometimes, when things are craziest is when you need a break, a night way or a weekend in the mountains. I do this once a year when I go to Contemplative Church Camp for a week. It can be as simple as a night at a comfy hotel with the chance to sleep in late or a weekend in the mountains. Either way, here are the benefits I’ve received when I’ve give myself a break and time to focus on me, my goals, my skills and my dreams.

First of all, it lets me find myself. It takes a day or two to adjust to a new (or familiar for that matter) environment. Then, something wonderful happens. I start to breath and relax And, most importantly, I ponder. About life, love, family, relationships, God; everything. I find myself again when I’m away from the busy-ness of life.

Getting away helps me adjust my compass and get back on track if I’ve gone astray. I can re-set my direction, think about my dreams and where I am in life. We all need to be on “true north”.

But the best thing is that I come home with new ideas, new energy, new focus and new enthusiasm that I can apply directly to my life, my relationships and my business.

Take the time to take a break. It’s worth it.

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