• “Changin Up Is Hard to Do”

 Health Care Reform

Oh no!! I’ve said those three dirty words and now I’m in trouble. I have been fascinated by people’s reaction to the issue of health care reform. So many people are so afraid of the issue. And the rest of the world just shakes their heads at us. Did you know that the US is the only developed nation in which every citizen does not have some form of health insurance? But then we Americans are an independent lot, aren’t we?

Some people have reacted with great anger at the thought of health care reform. And I think it’s because change is hard and threatening. It’s human nature to like the status quo and resist change. But I would suspect that the people most against health care reform have never been denied coverage.

It’s true that I am a morally-bankrupt, liberal, feminist Democrat. But that’s not the reason I would like to see change. When I fell on the ice and couldn’t walk, my insurance company would not pay for the specialist that knew what to do so I would be able to walk again. I have acid reflux (I know TMI, but hang with me). The insurance company refused to pay for the only medication that worked for me. So we paid $160 per month, while I saw a nutritionist who helped me solve the problem. Ok, not totally solve, but certainly solved enough to allow me not to take the medication. When I needed foot surgery, I had to wait two months to see the specialist and another three for the surgery. Sounds a lot like Canada, doesn’t it? And now, my “new” insurance company wants the doctor’s records because I had an endoscopy because of the acid reflux. Will they consider that a pre-existing condition and drop me and Malaika along with me? So now I am afraid and want change desperately, because I, too, want to keep my health insurance.

I have been very blessed to have a husband who worked hard all his career and we could pay out-of- pocket for these things. And, now that he is on Medicare, we can afford private insurance for Malaika and me. But I wonder what I would have done if we were not able to pay for what I needed when the insurance company refused. And I think about the millions of people who are not as lucky as I am.

Yes, change is hard. No matter where you stand on the issue, turn off the TV and do your research. Then contact your congressmen. And then count your blessings.

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