Fast Metabolism Diet Coaching

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Chronic dieting is an unhealthy lifestyle. I know, because I’ve been dieting since I went to my first “diet doctor” in middle school. Since then I’ve tried Weight Watchers, the Grapefruit Diet, HGC, the Atkins Diet, extreme exercise, and starvation. And what was the result of my efforts? Short-term weight loss and a long-term SLOW METABOLISM!

The Fast Metabolism Diet

Panicked, my body said, “I’m starving! I’d better hold on to my reserves.” so it slowed my metabolism, much like a hibernating bear body slows its metabolism. Unfortunately, when I went back to regular eating, my body refused to accept that I wouldn’t starve. It held on to the extra calories, and I gained back all the weight I lost… and then some.  Then I discovered The Fast Metabolism Diet and tricked my body into letting go.

Now, DIET means “Did I Eat Today?” not did I count calories, eat weird foods, take pills, or feel deprived. I eat good food, real food, my food. And I eat a lot—three meals and two or more snacks a day! I’m following a simple, proven, 28-day eating plan to retrain my slow, poorly functioning metabolism to become a fast, fat-burning machine.

  • Phase1 (Monday-Tuesday): lots of carbs and fruits to unwind stress
  • Phase 2 (Wednesday-Thursday): lots of proteins and veggies to unlock fat
  • Phase 3 (Friday-Sunday): Add healthy fats and oils to unleash your metabolism

Sounds good, doesn’t it?  On the 28-day plan, you will retrain your body to have the fast metabolism you are meant to have.  And you will have healthy cholesterol levels, stable blood sugar, increased energy,  improved sleep and lose 10,15 or even 20 pounds.  All through the power of real food!

Fast Metabolism Diet Coaching


Cher has a vocal coach, Aaron Rodgers has a passing coach and Tiger Woods has a golf swing coach. Why? Because a coach is an expert in their area, because a coach knows things you don’t, because a coach has special tricks, because a coach is seeing things you can’t. Anyone who is at the top of their game has a coach. Do you want to be at the top of your weight loss game? Do you want to finally lose those pounds and feel and look great?

As your coach, I will guide you and help you set up meal maps, decide what to eat, and look for ways to “tweek” the FMD so you get the results you want. Most important, I will be your cheerleader helping you get to your goal.  Trained by FMD developer Haylie Pomroy as a Level 1 FMD Coach, I have learned lots of tricks to help weight loss and can support and encourage you on this journey, just as my coach does for me. I can also help you with weight related health issues. Do you have acid reflux, sleep apnea or joint pain? Imagine what losing even 10 pounds would do. You would sleep better at night and those stairs would be much less intimidating. And what about those pants or that skirt that is sitting in your closet? It would be great to put it on again, wouldn’t it?

I have two coaching plans. The first is the Intensive FMD Coaching Plan. On this plan you will get the FMD Book and Cookbook, comprehensive intake and evaluation, meal maps and weekly follow-up sessions with me for the whole 28 days you are on the plan. My second plan is Ala Carte. We get together for the intake and work on your first meal map. Then you check in with me as needed. I want this to work for you!


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