• Finding the Extraordinary.

Each day we generally follow a routine, at least I do. I get up and have my quite time, then get the family up, work out, go to work, come home, walk Mav, have dinner, read or watch TV and go to bed. Sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it. But it’s not.

I try to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. My friend Faye and I meet at the Marketplace Bakery on Wednesday mornings. That is a great place to find the extraordinary. It may be in the smile of Earl, a regular. Or in a little girl in her princess dress with jeans underneath and sparkle princess shoes.

Sometimes I find the extraordinary in the morning taking Maverick for a walk. It could be in the beautiful sunrise, or the Alpenglow, or the snow on the trees. Last week it was the glow of the full moon on the snow on Harper Lake.

Sometimes I can find the extraordinary in a morning cuddle with Malaika or going dancing with Richard.

My life is anything but ordinary. I hope you can find the extraordinary in your life too.

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