• Following the Sunset Home.

The poetry of the earth is never dead.
-John Keats

After Malaika and I left Dubuque, we traveled to Dyersville, where you can visit the Field of Dreams movie site. Why, you ask? Because I needed to go there because it’s a place of hope for me. I had been there one August when the corn is so high you don’t know where you are. But this time the corn was down and it was cold and empty. Malaika stayed in the car and I was by myself, which was what I needed. I sat on the bleachers and walked the bases, just thinking and meditating. It was late when we left, about 4 PM. I knew I’d be driving a long way in the dark.

The sun was setting as we got onto I-80 headed to Lincoln. The sunset was beautiful. All the flat land in the Midwest allows for the most incredible sunsets. First the sky was a light pink and orange. Then it slowly faded to deep hues of red and purple, splayed across the horizon. Since I was driving 80 miles an hour, we stayed with the sunset for a long time.

As I watched the colors change and the sky slowly get dark, I was struck by the beauty of the earth; how it is just there for us to enjoy if we only look. I was blessed with the beauty of the sunset and felt myself at peace. Just because I took the time to look. The earth is indeed poetry; full of beauty and inspiration that never dies. This week make it a point to find comfort in the beauty of the earth.

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