• I Love. Therefore I am.

I love, therefore I am. Not I think, therefore I am. Or maybe both are true. But what good is thinking if we don’t love ourselves or each other? And what good is loving if you don’t have thoughts to put that love into action.

This time of year, we think a lot about love and light. Sometimes we see good deeds, people donating to Toys for Tots or the Salvation Army. Sometimes we see hatred and violence, either at home or in the world around us.

But we don’t find love by looking for it, we find love by giving it first. When a child is born, they don’t love because they don’t know how. They learn because we give them love. And sometimes that’s not easy. It’s not easy to love someone who has hurt you or betrayed you. Anyone who has raised a child knows it’s not easy to love a 13 year-old. But we do it, because nothing less than love will do.

So take a moment and think of those you love dearly, picture them in your mind and repeat “Nothing less than love will do for you.” Now think of those who have hurt or betrayed you. Again, picture them in your mind and repeat “Nothing less than love will do for you.” No it’s not easy, but giving love to others is the greatest gift you can ever give. I love, therefore I am.

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