• I really have a blog?!

I can’t believe I have a blog.  I really don’t get why people love to read them, but they are very popular.  Since you have gotten here from my website you probably already know a lot about me.  But what you may not know is that I am a morally-bankrupt, bleeding-heart, liberal, feminist Democrat, and proud of it.  That said, let me continue to say I have a “genetic defect” and I am both a Cubs fan (crying in my beer) and a Packer fan.  And also since you have been on my website you know I write the Soul Food Newsletter, which I hope you have read and enjoyed.

As you may know from my newsletter, I hate election years.  They are too long and too mean, especially this year.  I use to have a lot of respect for John McCain.  But that disappeared the day he pandered to the Religious Right and selected Sarah “I know foreign policy because I can see Russia from Alaska” Palin.  She is simply not qualified to be vice-president.  She has no understanding of law or economics as she has proven in her interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson.  And she would set women’s rights back 100 years, she would further erode separation of church and state, and I don’t think she is a very good role model.  If McCain wanted a women for a running mate he had much better choices in Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Olympia Snowe and Elizabeth Dole.  But what bothers me the most about Sarah Palin is that she is a hate-monger and evil.  She has insighted people with her comments about Barak Obama “paling around with terrorist”.  William Ayers was never conficted of a crime and in this country you are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty.  It was the other way around in the McCarthy Era.  As a result of her comments and lack of decorum, at McCain rally you can hear people chanting ”kill Obama”.  Have we gone back to the 1960s?  I hope not.  Can’t you see Sarah Palin with foreign dignitaries shooting off her mouth like that?  Bush has done enough to diminish America’s standing in the world.  Sarah Palin would only make it worse.

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