• Resistance to Change.


We went to Texas for Spring Break so  Malaika could meet her birth father. Both Richard and I were dreading the trip, even though we had the opportunity to see close friends while we were in Houston. We stayed with our friends of over 25 years, Bill and Barbara. They took wonderful care of us and gave us the run of the upstairs. But as time passed and it got closer to Thursday night, when we were to meet Malaika’s birth father, I got more and more distressed.

Knowing how much I love labyrinths, Barbara and I took some time to walk one close to her house on Wednesday. It was wonderful. Even though a busy road was close by, we were surrounded by woods and flowers. It was very peace and calmed me.

Thursday morning, Barbara gave me a coffee cup with a labyrinth on one side of the cup and this on the other;
Stress is resistance to change. Stress is a signal change is needed. Stress occurs whenever I am unable to create a positive image of success in my mind. The worst I can be is ineffective. What I am unaware of controls me, what I become aware of I can change.

After I read that and let it sink in a little, I realized that the reason I was distressed was because I was resisting the change of Malaika meeting her birth father. I was unable to create a positive image about this first meeting in my mind. Dinner turned out to be wonderful! My disress was totally unfounded. I was a bit overwhelmed because we not only met Malaika’s birth father, but his daughter, mother, father, stepmother and cousin! But they were so thankful for the opportunity to meet us and Malaika. They were warm and welcoming. And now Malaika has another root to help her grow.

As I ponder this saying more, I realize that a lot of the stress I have been feeling is resistance to change that needs to happen in my life. It’s the resistance to changing bad habits and self- sabotaging behavior; resisting my sister’s move to Florida and health problems with my in-laws; resisting Malaika growing into a young woman. Change is a part of life and it has it’s lessons. Search for those lessons and embrace change. Be curious about life and no matter what, breathe. Become aware and change what you can.

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