• Summer Vacation.

  What I learned

wind_cave Here are my girls waiting for our turn to tour Wind Cave in Custer State Park. We stayed in “camping cabins”, just beds and tables inside. We did all of our cooking outside under a pavilion. It rained a lot, the only good day we had was the day we went to Mount Rushmore. I learned to let the girls decide what they wanted to do and it was okay just to hang out and play games. I learned to let go of the small stuff. So what if we couldn’t start a campfire because it was too wet and we ran out of gas for the stove. As long as everybody was safe, dry and fed, half-cooked pancakes were not a big deal.

I got re-certified as a water safety instructor. I learned that I am physically stronger than I thought and my strong body will keep up with teenagers (well, not quite as fast, but I wasn’t left in the dust either). I also learned that it doesn’t matter how old, gray or cubby you are, people see the inside, even teen-agers and college students and like you for who you are.

We spent the Fourth of July with my good friend Nancy and her family at “the farm”. I learned the llamas are pretty neat creatures and slipping away from the adults to visit llamas with my daughter can be a lot of fun.

I took a couple of classes on the brain, including learning about Alzheimer. I learned that the brain is very wonderful and fascinating and the best thing you can do for your brain is to have a good attitude and be healthy and physically active.

I went to Contemplative Church Camp were I saw old friends and made new ones; where I had lots of time to pray and meditate and enjoy the peace of nature. I learned to stop fighting the contradictions in life and instead to embrace them and learn from them.

And the last thing I learned this summer is that I can hike to 13,000 feet. Look out Pikes Peak! I’m on my way!

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