• The Guardian.

I couldn’t sleep last night (do you see a patten here?) So after Malaika went to sleep I crawled out of bed. She apparently doesn’t think I can sleep in bed by myself. I couldn’t decide what to do with myself so I watched The Guardian. It’s a pretty good movie and it has water, Kevin Costner and Ashton Krutcher so you can’t go wrong. My brother Steve was a Squid and my brother Stu was a Coastie so that’s probably another reason I like the movie. Stu would drive our mom crazy because he would call her to tell her he was going out on a rescue. The Coast Guard doesn’t go out on sunny calm days.A scene in the movie struck me last night. The senior chief (Costner) is telling the recruit (Krutcher) that he is gifted and should honor his dead teammates by using his gifts as best he can. What a remarkable statement! It sounds so simple and yet so profound.

We all have gifts to share. What would happen if we used our gifts to honor those we’ve lost, those we love, those we care about. Gifts are so varied and amazing. I admire people who are gifted with organization, I am not. I admire people who are gifted teachers. Forget that, would lose my temper. But I am gifted in getting people to open up and talk. And this year I am going to be conscious of that gift and use it to help others. And as I do, I will honor those I’ve lost and those I love. Don’t take your gifts for granted. Honor those you love by using them to the best of your ability.

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