Monthly Archives: January 2009
The Rhythm of Life.

Did you know that your brain has a cycle, just like your physical body? Your brain’s patterns are largely based on sleep cycles, exposure to light and genetic makeup. Getting in tune with your brain’s cycle can help make you happier and healthier. According to research, 7-9 AM is the time for passion. Hmm, that’s […]

The Guardian.

I couldn’t sleep last night (do you see a patten here?) So after Malaika went to sleep I crawled out of bed. She apparently doesn’t think I can sleep in bed by myself. I couldn’t decide what to do with myself so I watched The Guardian. It’s a pretty good movie and it has water, […]

The Circle of Life.

┬áThe cast: Me, of course, and Richard and Malaika Richard’s parents Matt and Shirley Richard’s brother Robert and his wife Bonnie Robert and Bonnie’s daughter Bobette and her husband Mike I had planned on a quiet Christmas at home. Things were crazy and I was behind in all preparations. After Messiah weekend, I was going […]