Monthly Archives: May 2010
I agree to keep doing what works and change what doesn’t.

These agreements are really a pain, aren’t they. In one morning I managed to break every single one. It started Sunday after Malaika’s concert. She was determined to go to her friend’s house to work on a project. Since it was already almost 8:00 pm, I was not very happy about it, but agreed. Then […]

Where Are You?

  I am having a lot of trouble finishing this newsletter simply because I am not present. I’m watching the clock, thinking about all the things I have to do between now and 3:30. Go shopping, do laundry, pack. I am so focused on where I want to be (in Estes Park by 5:30) that […]

I Agree To Look Within When I React

Agreement Three is tough, don’t you think so? To look inside yourself when you react. Have you ever had a strong reaction to something someone said to you and stewed about it? I have, especially having a teenager in the house. Or did someone’s behavior offend you? When that happens, it usually has more to […]

Graduation Day

Today is 8th grade graduation.  It’s on to high school.  Where has the time gone?  What happened to my little girl?  She has grown into a young woman before my very eyes.  And Happy Birthday, Mom.  I miss you.

Do People Ever Really Change?

Do people ever really change? On the one hand, of course we do! We grow and mature, we learn new skills, and our perspective and lifestyles change over time. But, on the other hand, intentionally deciding to change habitual behavior can be extraodinarily difficult. How many times have we tried to change our way of […]

Agreement Two

While the first agreement focuses on actions, the second agreement focuses on words. Being true to yourself requires authenticity in both word and deed. The second agreement is: “I agree to speak my truth, with compassion.” Notice that the agreement is to speak “my truth”, which is relative because it’s true to me. With this […]

Are you sleep deprived?

  We all need sleep, lots of it. We all try to get by with as little as possible in our busy lives, but in reality we need 7-8 hours a night. Our bodies give us plenty of signs that we need more sleep, but most of us ignore them. So, how can you know […]

Agreement One

I am a great one for saying, “Some day when I have (fill in the blank) I will… Rarely have I not put some-thing that is important to me off. But I started my private practice, I played with dolphins, I climbed Pikes Peak; all of which were and still are important to me. I […]

Revolutionary Agreements

I am reading a remarkable book by Marian Head called Revolutionary Agreements. She believes that by living by these 12 agreements you will be happier, healthier and more free. For the next several newsletters, I will be talking about one or two or these agreements each edition. The world works by agreements, both spoken and […]