• Agreement Two

While the first agreement focuses on actions, the second agreement focuses on words. Being true to yourself requires authenticity in both word and deed. The second agreement is: “I agree to speak my truth, with compassion.” Notice that the agreement is to speak “my truth”, which is relative because it’s true to me. With this understanding we are free to speak our truth without malice or judgement.

But the decision to live and speak your truth doesn’t mean just dumping everything that is in your mind. We need to be sensitive to others, which is where compassion comes in. I have been around people who just blurt things out. I’ve been one of them myself. When I have been that way I have failed to consider the other person’s perspective and have effectively shut down communication. That was not what I wanted to do.

Speaking my truth with compassion also means giving up those “little white lies” we all tell. Why, because it erodes the foundation of truth and hurts those we tell them to. And, how many times do those lies backfire on us? It’s just better to honor yourself and the other person by being honest. Building your relationships on your truth will maintain an inner integrity that links to the integrity of others, strengthening and deepening your relationships.

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