Monthly Archives: July 2009

A sense of authenticity is one of our deepest psychological needs. It is also a cornerstone of mental health. Authenticity is related to many aspects of psychological well-being, including vitality, self- esteem, and coping skills. What is authenticity? It is described as the “unimpeded operation of one’s true or core self in one’s daily enterprise” […]

Feeling Frustrated?

We all get frustrated. You’re in a hurry and there is an accident on Hwy 36. You’re trying to get to work, but your son just spilled his milk on your pants. Does that sound familiar? We all face these kinds of issues. But do you just give up?Whether or not you give up depends […]

When Things Fall Apart

I had coffee with a dear friend recently. She was feeling down with good cause. She had experience two big blows, one right after the other. We have all been there, when situations out of our control turn life upside-down. Here are some tips to help you get back on track.Look for evidence of your […]

Are You A Doormat?

Saying no is uncomfortable! It like turning your back on a family member or your best friend. But saying yes too much has it’s consequences; being too busy and too stressed.People-pleasers are committed to bolstering the well-being of others at the expense of themselves. We all do it from time to time. But people-pleasers are […]

Optimist or Pessimist

  “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Sir Winston Churchill.  This quote struck me when I read it a few weeks ago. It seems to be such a fitting quote for our times. People are losing jobs and houses; some are living off savings; […]

Sweet Dreams

We all dream every night and each morning we jump when the alarm clock goes off and dismiss what we have dreamed, that is if we even remember.Not so fast, new research suggests that dreams are a great opportunity for self- knowledge. Experts say our dreams can supply us with insights that will help heal […]

Not Creative? Think Again

Everybody is creative. You may not feel that way sometimes. Maybe you feel like your in a rut, or just can’t come up with a creative idea. Your creativity is in you somewhere. It just may be hard to find. It is something that anyone can cultivate using a variety of methods.There are four core […]

You Are Great Just As You Are

  Did you see the movie Bolt last fall?  Bolt is the story of a dog who believes he is a super-hero with amazing powers because he is on a TV show. He is never allowed to go home with Penny, his co-star. He just goes to his trailer after filming and Penny says good-bye.One […]

The Fragrance of Life

As I am sitting here writing this I have a candle lit in the corner of the room. I like the flickering of the flame, but I also like the scent, French Vanilla. In reality, fragrances have an impact on us. Everyone has a cache of fragrant memories stored in our brains. For instance, the […]

Success Begins Every Morning

  This week I had lunch with a very successful business woman. She had come in for a PSYCH-K session and wanted me to know how the session had affected her. She was very excited at some things that had happened. She told me she had always visualized herself in the position she wanted but […]