• Five, Three, One, Yipee

Last week Money Magazine named Louisville the best small town in America.  Those of us who live here couldn’t agree more.  The article accurately stated some of the wonderful things about living here, but I have a few of my own to add.  I love our annual subdivision parties where I have a chance to talk to the mayor, because he lives in my subdivision.  I love seeing my daughters teachers, past and present, at the Parade of Lights, the Rec Center or in choir.  I love going to the pharmacy and being greeted by name and having my prescription handed to me.  I love forgetting my Sam’s card and the person at the customer service desk is my friend and we spend 5 minutes talking about our daughters.  And I love hanging out at the Marketplace Bakery on Wednesday mornings.  But don’t plan on moving here.  I’m not selling my house!

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