• Surrounded By Darkness.

For many of us, 2009 has been a difficult year. Many of us, including me, are anxious about their investments and their retirement. Millions have lost their homes this year and millions more are unemployed.

It becomes easy to see this as a dark, cold, dreary time. We understand that the Solstice has come and the days will soon get longer, sunnier and warmer. We know that spring is few weeks away. But today is dark. Depression threatens to overwhelm us. We can look at what “is” and worry. And there are reasons to worry; global warming, terrorist attacks, economic instability and even H1N1. Who wouldn’t worry and see only darkness and winter.

But I see the coming of spring. The days are getting longer, it’s a new year with endless possibilities. In the days and weeks ahead, you have a choice to make. You can believe your eyes and ears, and be worried. You can read the papers and listen to the news of gloom and doom. You can look outside and see only darkness and respond accordingly.

Or you can also believe that after the darkness, the sun comes up every morning; whether we see it or not, it still gets light every day. You can believe that after the winter, spring arrives every April or May. You can choose to believe the darkness will pass and things will be brighter in the coming days.

The choice is yours. Believe your eyes and ears, or believe your heart and dreams and wait for spring. Choose wisely. Be prepared. Make 2010 your year!

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