• Making a List and Checking It Twice.

I don’t know about you, but a list helps me get things done and stay on task. But your list can say many things about you.

Do you scrawl your list on paper napkins or tuck it into your purse or a drawer? That could mean you are spontaneous and creative. Do you write your lists on post -it-notes? You’re probably flexible and able to go with the flow. If yours is on the computer and synched with your phone, you are far more organized than I am!

Research shows that list makers are healthier and happier. Here are some of the ways lists help you:

  • Lists help us gain control and reach our goals, even if we don’t get everything done.
  • Lists help us maximize our brainpower. You can only keep 7 to 9 things in your working memory, so by making a list you can spend your brainpower on analyzing, delegating and prioritizing.
  • Lists help you make tough decisions. The simple act of tackling a problem on paper can help you find ideas for solving the problem and help you handle it better.
  • Lists can help you beat a slump. So make a list of your happiest moments and relive the event as though you were really there. You will feel better.
  • Need motivation? A list can help motivate you; to get things done, take better care of yourself, and even be grateful.
  • Lists can help you achieve balance. Let’s face it; life is crazy! When you feel overwhelmed, prioritize the things that are most important to you and act on them.
  • But most importantly, feel the joy every day. Make a list of 100 personal pleasures, then pursue one a week. What will you have enjoyed in a year or two?

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