• The Light Returns.

If you are like me, once the Winter Solstic has passed, you want the light to arrive NOW. I think we should have at least 30 minutes of light more each day. I know that is unreasonable, but it doesn’t keep me from wanting it. I read in the paper that the sun will continue to rise each morning at 7:23 am until January 11! But each evening we have a few minutes more of light. What a metaphor for life!

It seems to me that there is always a part of my life that is dark and seems to be stuck for a while. I work on it and chip away at the problem. At then same time, other parts of my life are wonderful. The all the work that I have done to rid the darkness pays off and the light begins to return to that corner of my life. Of course, it takes way too long, maybe months or years and I am impatient.

But the light always comes at the right time. Whether it is the sunrise or my life. And it sneaks up on me. Just as I suddenly notice it’s light at 6:00 am, I likewise notice that life is better and all the work I have put in has paid off. It’s always at the right time, always when I’m ready. Good thing I’m not in charge.

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