• Those Who Rest in Peace, Rest Peacefully.

One of my favorite TV shows is JAG, which stand for Judge Advocate General Corps, the Navy’s legal branch. I have nine of the ten seasons, and that’s only because Season Ten doesn’t come out until next May. While I was wrapping presents I decided to watch all the Christmas episodes. My favorite one is called All Ye Faithful. What I like most about it is that it takes all the stories about Christmas and rolls them into one; Santa and Rudolph, Scrooge, Mary and Joseph and even the Wise Men. In the episode, when the “wise men” found the baby, one of them said “Those who rest in peace, rest peacefully.”

That phrase really struck me because I am beginning to find my way out of my personal darkness and into the light. As I find more peace in myself and in my world, I rest more peacefully. I feel lighter, I get more things done, I smile more. Life is so much better when I feel peaceful.

My prayer for you is that you rest in peace and rest peacefully.

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